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Offering a wide range of patient services and treatments:


  • Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

  • ​Bladder Cancer

  • ​Overactive Bladder

  • ​Kidney Cancer

  • Phimosis (tight or unretractable foreskin)



  • ​Incontinence

  • Kidney Stones

  • ​Interstitial Cystitsis

  • ​Erectile Dysfunction

  • ​Prostate Cancer

  • ​BPH

  • ​No Scapel Vasectomy


Why is my doctor asking for my credit card?

Todays insurance plans are becoming more complicated in how they determine what the medical practice can collect, and what the patient actually owes.  Insurance plans now have numerous different co-pays and deductibles that are often confusing to their clients and can even elude the smartest medical practice office manager.  What a patient actually owes once insurance pays its portion is a function of the individual's co-pay, deductible, maximum out-of-pocket expenses and where the patient falls within this continuum.  To say the world of HMO's, PPO's, IPA's and EPO's is complicated is an understatement, to both you as a patient and your doctor.

The practice of having a credit/debit card stored on file in your physicians electronic medical records system is becoming more and more common.  Our policy clearly states that nothing will be charged to your card or bank account until the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) returns from your insurance company and we can enter the contractual write-offs and amount paid by your insurance company into our system.  The only amount charged will be the PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY portion.  Another charge would be a no-show fee for an appointment not canceled within the required 24-hour period.

Of course patients are concerned about their credit card/bank information's security.  Your cards information will be stored with the vendor we use to process all credit card transactions on a daily basis, such as co-pays and balances.   This will also allow you to not have to show your credit card at every visit once we have your information stored in the system.  

As a small business operating on fixed insurance reimbursements with rising costs and expenses, we must do everything possible to reduce the length of time that we extend credit to our patients.

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Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  

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